Are you employable on social media?


How employable are you if we were to look at your social media profiles?

If you are starting a new job or a placement for your college course would you change your profile to hide some aspects of your life? Would you change your name so employers couldn’t search you? These are all relevant questions in today’s working world. Social media profiles often reflect people’s social lives rather than the professional image they may want to give across in a working environment. This brings up the discussion of how the self is represented on social media along with the general pros and cons of social networking.

Another perspective to look at is what way do you want to come across on social media, for example on Facebook? Your FB profile is often you looking your best, sharing photos of trips and parties, sharing thoughts on current events and interacting with friends, in a way it is someone acting just like themselves. In the working world you have a slightly different persona so it differs to your social media profile and you wouldn’t want your prospective employer to see your personal life but rather your educational and professional achievements. LinkedIn is the type of platform that caters for this, a solution to this obvious problem and has become it’s own platform which helps people to network and get jobs.


So does the networked self in the world of social media reflect the real world ? Not in every sense but in terms of changing your image slightly in different situations, yes. Another thing to consider is do we have any privacy if anyone including employers can search us and make a judgement before they’ve hired us? To a certain extent you can stay hidden to the general public but all the data you’ve shared is still on the internet. It’s just another issue that has arisen with the use of social media in our daily lives.


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