Let’s take a look at the selfie phenomenon. They started off being seen as vain and narcissistic but have now become a vast aspect of most social media sites. Everyone posts selfies these days, it’s not seen as embarrassing anymore. Some social media apps encourage selfies, as is the case with Snapchat and Instagram where the focus is on pictures.

I also recently read an article published on theguardian.com on how selfies became a globel phenomenon and found it to be very interesting. Take a look for yourself here!

Many selfies we see online are a result of a finished product, they are rarely left untouched before being posted online. People can enhance their self-portraits as much as they want and it doesn’t even have to look like anything has been changed apart from a filter. People can often be known as beautiful on social media but in real life they mightn’t look anything like their pictures, this is where the digital self strays and someone could come across whatever way they like online.

One thought I had was that people perhaps feel like they can be more similar to celebrities, as we see these famous people sharing selfies and sharing their life through various social media platforms. If a teenage girl then posts a selfies on her Instagram of her on a night out with friends is she gaining popularity in her eyes? Is this what you do to fit in?

There is indeed a negative side to the selfies. There is a lot of pressure to have great confidence in what you post as you are being judged by anyone who follows you on the photo of yourself. This leads to more self-criticism and the want to look more like someone else. A lot of Instagram pages are dedicated to posting pictures of pretty faces found on the site, which is pushing this idea of looking perfect. A question is are people looking for validation by posting seflies online?

An interesting article written by a teenager about selfies and self-esteem: http://www.teenink.com/hot_topics/what_matters/article/803675/The-Selfish-Truth-About-Selfies/

Kim Kardashian taking a selfie with Hilary Clinton. (dailymail.co.uk)


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