Why Internal Communications Is Important In An Organisation

Effective internal communications is key to success for any organisation, this blog post discusses it’s importance.


Negative consequences of anonymity on the web

As we know, the web allows for complete anonymity, people can remain anonymous on social media sites, browsing websites, blogs and reading the news online. Due to the web allowing anonymity, people don’t have to show themselves online, they can alter their digital self in whatever way they wish. This has many negative consequences for…… Continue reading Negative consequences of anonymity on the web


Blogging in Ireland today

Bloggers, bloggers everywhere… Blogging in Ireland today has become a huge trend. Many people have found local fame from it and many Irish celebs have jumped on board in a potential effort to self-promote. Apps such as Snapchat and Instagram provide the perfect platforms for bloggers, we could look at them as live journals. Bloggers…… Continue reading Blogging in Ireland today


Snapchat and the written self

Narrative: a spoken or written account of certain events, a story. If we link this idea to Snapchat we see a modern approach to telling/sharing stories. People can share stories and keep diaries online in the form of written blogs, but Snapchat has become a tool that enables people to do this through photos and…… Continue reading Snapchat and the written self